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By: juliandavies | September 04, 2017

Procuremax has entered into a distribution agreement with global polyurethane wheel and castor manufacturer Rader-Vogel. The agreement covers exclusive distribution rights for Rader Vogel's product offering to Mining and Other Industries in Australia.

The companies used the recent AIMEX mining exhibition in Sydney to launch the partnership where a selection of Rader-Vogel's product offering was on display. Visitors also had the opportunity to meet with senior sales and technical representatives from Rader-Vogel to discuss their industry specific product needs.

By: juliandavies | August 24, 2016

Commonly in negotiations or when establishing new a new business relationship you will hear or use the phrase “win-win”, but in an increasingly competitive market do such relationships really exist?

Some believe that a “win-win” relationship means they have left something on the table and that they haven’t achieved the optimum outcome for their business. In fact, many would go further, insisting that their suppliers experience a level of pain in winning their business before they can feel comfortable that they have achieved a good result for their own business.

If we define business success purely in terms of profit, then there are a number of factors that can influence the success of each party in a business relationship. To appreciate th...

By: juliandavies | August 08, 2016

As business management software applications become more advanced, companies are placing a greater reliance on automated processes and data to support Supply Chain Management functions including inventory management, warehousing and procurement activities in an effort to make their businesses more efficient and improve profitability.

Improved access to meaningful data through intuitive reporting tools also has the potential to provide new insights into company performance and assist in the identification of areas for improvement. Given this, why is it that many businesses don’t realise the full benefit, including process efficiency and improved financial performance, of implementing such systems?

Assuming the system implementation was done...

By: juliandavies | August 03, 2016

Inventory, whether it be in the form of Raw Material, Work in Progress (WIP) or Finished Goods, has the potential to significantly impact a company’s operational and financial performance. Whether that impact is positive or negative depends on a number of factors.

When managed effectively, inventory can provide a company with a strategic advantage over its competitors. Reduced lead times, improved order fill rates, less stock-outs, reduced administrative cost and the ability to meet unforeseen changes in demand can lead to increased levels of customer service, improved customer retention rates and growth in market share and profitability. In some cases, companies can even charge a price premium for items they can supply ex stock rather tha...

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