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Business Management Support

Strategy Development

A clearly defined business strategy is critical to the success of any organisation. Strategy, when implemented effectively and aligned to the long term vision for the company, will ensure the organisation's short term goals and focus move it towards the achievement of its long term objectives and vision. Procuremax facilitates the formulation, development and execution of effective business strategy and the identification of financial and non-financial performance management metrics to align, communicate, manage and monitor organisational performance.

Outsourced Management Support

Procuremax consultants have extensive senior management and consultancy experience across a broad range of business functions including commercial management, supply chain management, business development, demand management and contract management roles. This capability is available to companies who require management support for fixed term projects and improvement initiatives or for ongoing management support to work as an integral part of your senior management team to increase management and organisational capability without the commitment and cost associated with employing full time personnel.

Contract & Project Management

Procuremax assists clients manage the commercial and technical risk associated with contracts and agreements they enter into as part of their day to day business. Through their contract management services, incorporating the review of proposed contract terms and technical specification requirements, the negotiation of mutually acceptable terms as well as contract administration and project management services, Procuremax reduces contractual and commercial risk exposure for their clients and assist in the effective management of projects to ensure that they are delivered on time, to budget and to agreed specification. 

Quality Assurance

Whether it be the implementation and certification of a new ISO9001 compliant management system or assisting with audit planning and support for existing systems to improve systems effectiveness and meet ongoing certification requirements, Procuremax can assist your organisation achieve and maintain certification while delivering a quality management system that adds tangible value to your business.

Scheduling and Resource Planning

The effectiveness in which companies plan and manage the utilisation of labour and physical resources has a significant impact on organisational efficiency, financial performance, delivery performance and customer satisfaction. With extensive operational and supply chain management experience, Procuremax can assist in the development and implementation of capacity planning tools to facilitate improved management decision making and the implementation of scheduling tools and processes that align company resources to agreed objectives and provide tangible improvements in resource utilisation, financial performance, management control and customer service levels.


Management Reporting

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." This quote by Robert Kaplan, co-founder of the Balanced Scorecard methodology, is not only a commonly used management adage, but an accurate statement of a problem experienced by many of today's businesses. Rather than measure for the sake of measurement, the key is to understand the critical success factors that an organisation needs to excel at in order to not only maintain its current market share and customer base, but also to identify and exploit growth opportunities that exist by differentiating the products and service offerings the company provides. A properly balanced set of business performance measures will ensure management has the information it needs to steer the organisation through the challenges it faces as part of its day to day operations and to help drive innovation and growth to deliver improved financial performance by seizing opportunities. Procuremax can help your organisation identify the critical success factors that drive the performance of your business and develop business performance measurements and exception based reporting that will empower your managers to take control of the various challenges and opportunities that exist.

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