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Business Process Improvement

Process Review & Auditing

Standardised processes provide a foundation for organisational success and a baseline for continuous improvement. Periodic auditing of agreed processes ensures that they are being consistently applied and that reasons for any non-compliance and opportunities for process improvement are identified and targeted. Procuremax can assist by providing an independent and impartial audit of established business processes and data integrity to measure compliance and to identify opportunities for improvement in process and business performance.

Process Improvement

The seamless integration of key business processes provides a platform for organisational success by ensuring internal resources and decision making are aligned to the customer requirements. Procuremax provides a cross functional review of core business processes to identify opportunities for more effective integration and optimisation which result in a more efficient and effective organisation and tangible improvements in the areas of cost reduction, working capital management, productivity and levels of customer service.

ERP System Implementation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provides a company wide set of management tools that assist organisations manage the ever competing supply and demand pressures that exist in their business. Whether it be assisting with the scoping, selection and implementation of an ERP package to suit your business or assistance in optimising and addressing system and process deficiencies in existing systems, Procuremax can help you get the most out of your investment and improve organisation process efficiency and performance.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is an integrated business management process through which the senior management team continually achieves focus, alignment and synchronization between all business functions within the organization. It has evolved to effectively manage the trade-offs continually faced by businesses when trying to manage conflicting supply and demand constraints. Procuremax can undertake a review of your existing S&OP processes to ensure they are effectively supporting your business or can assist with the implementation and training on new S&OP processes. 

LEAN Implementation and Training

Companies that have embraced LEAN thinking are characterised by a culture of continuous improvement and the relentless pursuit of efficiency gains through the elimination of non-value add activities (ie. waste). By educating and empowering employees across their organisations, companies achieve sustainable increases in operating efficiency that lead to improved financial performance and levels of customer service. Procuremax can help you implement the principles of LEAN into your business through LEAN training,  the introduction of LEAN tools and the facilitation of targeted LEAN initiatives.

Management Systems

With the rapid growth in technology and on-line business management products, a multitude of IT systems and tools are now available to companies. While these systems and tools may address particular business needs in isolation, if they are not integrated effectively with other systems used within the business they can negatively impact on the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation and management decision making. Procuremax can undertake a review of your existing management systems and processes to ensure they are aligned and provide effective interfaces between the various business functions that rely on them to achieve organisational objectives.

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