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Supply Chain Management

Procurement Services

  • Strategic Sourcing. Analysis of your organisations existing spend to identify opportunities for improved financial and operational results. Projects target tangible reductions in price, lead time, inventory holdings and supplier numbers while delivering improvements  in quality, delivery performance and more favourable trading terms. From training and facilitation of client driven projects through to the management and delivery of the entire strategic procurement initiative, Procuremax can tailor a solution to suit your organisation's requirements.
  • Procurement Process Reviews. A structured review of existing processes, systems, data and organisational capability to identify opportunities for improved process effectiveness, capability and results. Whether it be a report on findings and recommended actions, employee training, facilitation of in house improvement projects or management and delivery of identified improvement initiatives, Procuremax can tailor a solution to suit your organisation's requirements.

Warehouse Design
Utilising LEAN principles to design warehouse layouts and processes that optimise available warehouse space, increase efficiencies in warehouse processes (receiving, packing, picking, despatch, stocktaking), improve inventory record accuracy and reduce loss and damage to inventory holdings.

Cost Reduction

Procuremax's team of experienced consultants review your purchasing spend and inventory holdings to identify areas for cost reduction and improved profitability. From strategic procurement initiatives through to more detailed technical reviews of items which represent a significant portion of your company's cost base to identify cost reduction opportunities through material substitution or alternate manufacturing processes, Procuremax can help you get more value for your purchasing dollar and open up potential new markets where you may have previously been unable to compete with lower cost competitors. 

China Sourcing

With an established network of suppliers that have passed Procuremax's stringent pre-qualification process, we are able to provide access to Chinese manufacturers that are able to deliver high quality components at significantly reduced prices to locally sourced equivalents. Procuremax takes responsibility for all aspects of supplier management, expediting and quality control so you as the client can be assured not only of reduced purchased costs but also equivalent or improved levels of customer service, delivery performance and quality.

Inventory Reduction

Review of existing inventory management processes and stock holdings to develop inventory reduction strategies and to identify opportunities for improved process effectiveness, reduced inventory levels and obsolescence exposure while maintaining or improving delivery performance, financial results and levels of customer service.

Quality Control

  • Supplier Audits. Our experienced team can independently audit the business and manufacturing processes of your key suppliers to ensure they have the necessary processes and systems in place to satisfy your quality requirements and achieve specification compliance. From initial supplier pre-qualification through to ongoing supplier management, Procuremax can help you proactively select and manage the quality performance of your supplier base.
  • Quality and Welding Inspections. Physical inspection of purchased components can be undertaken at either the supplier's facility or as incoming goods inspection at your site prior to acceptance of goods to ensure they meet required standards, specifications and manufacturing tolerances. Our experienced quality and welding inspector can also assist with the development of quality control check lists, weld procedures and specifications to assist in your quality control process, or can carry out independent inspections using existing specifications and company standards where available. This service can extend to Root Cause Analysis for warranty claims and failure analysis investigations.

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